The FDA deadline for vending operators to begin providing calorie disclosure information for all vended products will be effective on December 1st of this year. This regulation applies to all vending operators with more than 20 machines in the field, and impacts the disclosure of calorie information for products vended in glass-front machines including hot and cold beverages, shelf stable snacks, and refrigerated and frozen products.  The intent of these regulations will help promote additional visibility of food labeling information to ensure that consumers are well informed on the calorie content of chosen products.  This information must be visible either on the front of the individual product package, on separate signage that is on or adjacent to the machine, or as part of an electronic display within the machine.  Many products sold through glass-front vending machines already show calorie content on their respective package labels, and additional product manufacturers are working toward these packaging changes.  An exception to the timing of these regulations includes gum and mints, whose calorie disclosure information does not have to be formally displayed until mid-2018.

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