Diamond Vending, Inc. selects only the finest and freshest products for our diverse menu which meet our rigid standards for quality. From our assorted pastries and fresh hot beverages, to our snacks and cold drinks, our menu is rotated on a regular basis. Date coding of all food items ensures that a product from our machines will be delicious for either snacks or lunch.

Our route person will check-in with you or your staff at every service visit, to accommodate refunds and requests.

We are committed to providing the finest vending service. Our service program includes pre-planned visits and we are on call to respond to service requests. Your employees will enjoy a vending service that provides clean, filled and working machines all the time.

Not only do we service snacks, drinks, coffee, cold & hot food, but we also service and repair vending machines, bill changers, etc.

Diamond Vending, Inc. is always there if you need us.

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