Tasty Food Vending For Your Office or Worksite 

Note: Food Vending is available to those who qualify due to the relatively high cost of operating fresh and frozen food vending equipment.

Although Diamond Vending does snacks and beverages better than anyone, we're so much more! You can enjoy delicious fresh and frozen food items and even complete meals without ever having to leave your location!

Why take time from work to drive to a restaurant or eatery? 
Now you and your employees can eat lunch, breakfast, and even dinner without ever leaving the parking lot. Perfect for employees on evening and swing shifts. Employees will appreciate the cost-effective convenience. YOU will like all the extra work that gets done.  


food long


food woman

Diamond Vending frozen food machines offer a wide variety of frozen foods including ice cream. All are served up from our modern, clean vending machines. We keep your machines running smoothly with our emphasis on fast, friendly service. Our proactive approach makes sure you have the products you want when you want them delivered by modern machines.

Also enjoy Healthy frozen food choices. Tell us what you want in your fresh and frozen food machine and we'll make sure you have it.


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