Keep your work day flowing with delightful snacks from Diamond Vending. Hunger strikes right in the middle of your most important work. What's the answer? Diamond Vending machines give you a full range of favorite and healthy snacks accessible in just seconds!


Each of our vending machines are kept stocked with your favorite chips, cookies, candies, gum and mints. Our clean, modern vending machines are also capable of offering breakfast items, soup and even ice cream. Plus, you aren't stuck with the same snacks everyone else has. We'll stock your machines with whatever you and your employees ask for. We also offer a refreshing line of healthy snack options.


From Traditional Snacks to Healthy Varieties... You Won't Go Hungry!




Product Selections that you know and love! You will immediately recognize our selection of snacks as all your favorites since childhood. From chips, to cheese snacks, to pretzels -- your favorite brand name snacks are all here. Fresh and ready for your enjoyment!

Endless Supply of Chips. Of course chips are right at the heart of the vending experience. When you're ready for that one-of-a-kind salty crunch, Diamond Vending has it for you. Need a particular chip selection not usually found in vending machines? Not a problem. Our staff will find and supply the chips you desire.

Have a sweet tooth? You need to replenish your energy. And there's nothing better to do that with than a delicious brand name candy bar. You'll recognize all your favorites in our standard and customized candy bar selections. Your candy bars are always fresh thanks for our emphasis on clean, modern vending machines and reliable service.  


Let's discuss ordering your vending machines today! Contact Diamond Vending to discuss your exciting vending options. Call 877.NOW.VEND or Contact Us for a fast response. 



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