We have the latest technology in the vending industry. Because we strive to stay current, we can provide you with the most modern and reliable Coke, Pepsi, and snack vending equipment. 

All route drivers carry handheld technology that tracks all items purchased within the machines. By using handheld technology, route schedules can be made more timely and efficiently in addition to tracking fast moving items in the machines. Vending machines installed are also equipped with credit card acceptors which gives the consumer the ability to purchase items using coins, currency along with Credit or Debit cards. In many of our locations we see a large portion of our sales coming from cashless transactions. 


State-of-the-art technologies are at the heart of every machine installed by Diamond Vending. These technologies assure you of high profitability on sales and satisfied vending machine customers. The two major technologies used in our vending machines are the "Parlevel Route Monitoring Software" and the "Guaranteed Vend."

The Parlevel Route Monitoring Software is a combination of back-office vending software, electronic devices installed in each vending machine and hand-held computers.


Guaranteed Product Delivery Systems

Diamond Vending installs state of the art vending machines.  Most machines are equipped with Guaranteed Product Delivery systems. This technology guarantees 100% product delivery. Infrared technology detects any unsuccessful vend cycle, guaranteeing that your employees either receives their product, or gets their money back. This new technology greatly reduces the chance that your employees will lose their money or not get the item they have selected.


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