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The Hybrid Office Environment and New Conveniences


As we recall back to the height of the pandemic, businesses were striving to ensure that employees had the resources available to maintain their commitments and sustain productivity while meeting the goals of the business.  The remote and hybrid office concepts greatly expanded during this time, and apparently, these concepts are here to stay.  A recent study from the Boston Consulting Group noted that at least 75% of employees reported being at least as productive on individual work in a remote or hybrid environment as they were prior to the pandemic, and at least 50% reported being at least as productive on collaborative tasks.  Additionally, at least 50% of employees also noted that if they were pressed to come back to the office full-time they would search for another job.

Businesses are looking at the partial return to the office as an opportunity to offer a better experience than what the employee could experience at home – be that a better or quieter workstation, and convenience offerings of food, beverages and coffee products that provide variety and satisfaction.  Companies are looking at these as ways to ensure adaptability and flexibility, and as tactics to attract and retain the best talent for future growth.  At the recent National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) show in Atlanta, manufacturers of unattended retail solutions for offices and breakrooms continue to push new technology and allow the customer to interact with the product before purchase as a way to offer value and selection.  Consumers simply pay at the market, grab their items, scan the product and check out.  These marketplaces allow for operators to provide so much more than traditional vending allows, as products of all shapes and sizes can be displayed.  In addition, coolers, freezers, cabinets and coffee makers can be mixed and matched and set up in a variety of different ways to optimize the consumer experience.

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