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Vending Industry Commitment to Public Health


The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) with the support of Partnership for a Healthier America and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation has recently adopted a public health commitment to substantially increase the percentage of "Better for You" products in our nation's vending machines to 33%. This represents a nearly 40% increase for these types of product offerings over the next three years. NAMA has had an industry wellness initiative in place for the past 15 years with "FitPick" and "FitPick Select" (allowing nutrition information at the point of purchase and aligning with the USDA's "Smart Snacks in Schools"). The latest initiative provides a closer focus on the availability of healthy products and the measurement of product usage. There is enough consumer demand for a great variety of products, and the increase in healthier options available from manufacturers helps to address the growing needs of both the public and the private sectors. Diamond Vending, Inc. is one of the Foundational Partner Operator Companies that are supporting this national initiative.

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