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The Market

Imagine enjoying deli-style meal options without leaving your office. You can now forget about the hassles of dealing with refunds, change, products stuck in a machine or broken machines. Our Markets can ensure your employees get exactly what they want, when they want it.

A MicroMarket Service is a self-contained modern convenience store in a designated location. It's comprised of convenient freestanding shelving, open rack displays, reach-in refrigerated coolers and a self-checkout kiosk. Our markets are custom designed specifically for your room and staff size, and open 24 hours per day make it a great replacement for cafeterias and vending. Did we mention they're self-checkout vending markets?!

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Shopping Experience

Once we set up your new breakroom (have we mentioned, there is no cost to the location), we will stock it regularly with your favorite items.

Shopping could be no more simple than grab-scan-go at our self-checkout kiosk. However you can bypass the kiosk if you prefer. With our mobile shopping app, a simple scan and go right from your phone will complete the transaction. The app even recognizes voice commands to browse and view items in your market.

Product Variety

A single MicroMarket can easily stock between 150-400 products, while a traditional vending machine can only hold 40 products.

Beverages of all sorts, snacks, cold food, salads and entrees. We strive to provide a balance of healthy and indulgent, and work closely with our locations to provide a one-stop solution for your employees and breakroom visitors. Feel free to browse a sample of rotating menus of the enhanced food offerings for our MicroMarket services.

Our Menus

tea-coffee vending machine for office tea-coffee vending machine for office tea-coffee vending machine for office

Diamond Vending Inc. Introduction

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Saffron Micro Market Option

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We’ll tailor a break room specific to your office environment and employees.

With Diamond Vending there’s no hassle with a variety of products, healthy options, self-service and employee benefits.

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