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The New Importance of Office Coffee Services


Many of today’s in-office food and beverage services have been forced to evolve since the COVID-19 pandemic.  According to a Statista study, 88% of Americans drank between one and five cups of coffee per day in 2022.  Although many employees are still working in a remote setting, some companies are starting to require a two or three day per week minimum for employees to work from the physical office space.  For those employees now coming into an office environment on a regular basis, coffee service and related offerings have taken on a new significance.  Employees are looking for both hot and cold coffee options that are customizable to their taste and preferences.  Even though some workers are still not coming into the office full time, employers seem to be willing to give them more when they do come in, including higher end coffee and sometimes free snacks and extras.  In July, 2022, 36% of Americans said that they had access to a coffee station at work, compared to 30% the year prior.  As such, many offices are converting to “bean to cup” and “cold brew” equipment, as well as expanded water solutions.


Even though coffee remains the number one beverage of choice at the office, consumption has expanded to bottled water, filtered tap water, tea, soft drinks, and juice (in that order).  The offering of office coffee service (and other beverages) at work helps employees feel valued, and many employers are shifting toward coffee, tea and beverage initiatives that include organic, fair trade, or “Rainforest Alliance” labels, with specific signage posted at the coffee station showing these designations.  The ability for the consumer to customize products is also a continuing trend, with options like flavored creamers and syrups being made available as well.  Some of the coffee trends that are continuing from 2023 into 2024 include cold brew, cold foam, and protein-powder infused coffee.  Tea trends include kombucha, honeybush tea (like a rooibos), and sparkling tea (with carbonated water).

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