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Trends in Workplace Beverages


Part of the workplace vending or market experience for the consumer includes the regular introduction of new product options inside the office since local retailers, convenience stores, and fast casual restaurants are currently providing this type of a variety outside of the work environment. When employees are able to find selections that they are interested in, they are less likely to leave for meal or snack breaks, therefore keeping productivity levels intact. As one example, consumers are consistently looking for high-quality coffee, teas and specialty drinks including lattes, mochas, cold brews and cappuccinos. Consumers have also become much more educated about coffee as local and national coffee shops have provided much of this education. Fresh, local and sustainable coffee products that tell a “story” are a draw in the workplace, and employees (especially Millennials and Generation Z workers) can be passionate about supporting local roasters. Bean-to-cup machines and limited single-use packaging options have also been areas of focus.

Healthy and “Better-for-You” products continue to remain popular as well. Cold beverage products from Pepsi including Aquafina water, bubbly sparkling water, Pure Leaf Tea, Naked Juice and Tropicana continue to sell well across the vending channel. People today tend to be much more aware of the products that they are consuming, and also continue to look for criteria including low/no sugar, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, or no preservatives. Taste is still the priority so today’s options must check a number of boxes. Many workplaces are also supplying cold beverage dispensing machines for products like sparkling water, Kombucha, keg teas, and cold brew coffee. The goal with these types of dispensing machines is to elevate the experience for the consumer while in the workplace, making it feel more like a special part of their day.

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